Top 7 Features Of Taxi Dispatch System

Jahida Azreen Feb 23 2023

Features Of Taxi Dispatch System

Due to the rising demand for mobility solutions, businesses started implementing many innovative and advanced solutions. From inter-city rides and e-bikes to on-demand taxis, many taxi businesses are levelling up their competition via taxi dispatch software. Companies can use the taxi dispatch system to boost customer traction and mitigate operational costs. 

The taxi dispatch system comprises of dispatch app, driver app, passenger app and admin panel. This software lets you manage passengers and drivers in an integrated platform. The top features of the taxi dispatch system include:

  • Seamless Login
  • Advanced Booking Experience
  • Easy Access To Reporting
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Secured Payment Options
  • Instant Notifications
  • Rating and Feedback

Let's get to see these features in detail!

What Are the Top Features Of Taxi Dispatch System?

1. Seamless Login

The user and the driver must enter the correct data on the taxi dispatching applications, such as name and phone number. Due to the rising popularity of social media, many businesses are even opting to include social media logins. The driver and customer credentials are entirely protected. So you do not have to worry about anything.

2. Advanced Booking Experience

The registered users can log in to the application and book any vehicle based on their requirements. The user will get to add their pick-up location and destination. You can include the location by mentioning the location. The location can be tracked using the GPS feature. The user can view a detailed map to view their selected location.

3. Easy Access To Reporting

You can access all reporting details through the taxi dispatch system. The admin will view all the details of the customers, drivers and dispatchers. This system will help you to store all the data in a centralized platform. You can eliminate paper-based document storage and use digital data storage. You can gain access to the data anytime, anywhere.

4. Real-Time Tracking

In many taxi businesses, dispatchers need help monitoring the rides. Owing to advanced technological development, dispatchers can easily track the rides. They can leverage the taxi dispatch system to manage the rides and view the riders' active status seamlessly. Through the taxi dispatch system, you can view the booking details. Many authorized users will get access to a live map to see the cars and their active status. Depending on your requirements, you can customize this feature in some taxi dispatch systems.

5. Secured Payment Options

The consumer and the driver can make payments without carrying cash because other cashless options are available. Taxi dispatch systems incorporate several payment mechanisms to offer consumers safe and practical payment options.

6. Instant Notifications

Customers, drivers, and dispatchers receive regular real-time alerts about the status of their trips via in-app notifications, emails and SMS. Users also receive information about referral programmes and specials.

7. Rating and Feedback

Rating and feedback feature of the taxi dispatch system increases the transparency between the customer and the taxi business. It helps amplify the rider experience and work on the improvement fields.

Why Fleetera?

In Fleetera, we offer top features to automate workflows and enhance the productivity of taxi businesses. Our taxi dispatch system consists of an admin panel, a passenger app, a driver app, and a dispatcher app. Our taxi dispatch software can also be customized based on client requirements. It helps in streamlining workflows, building a seamless experience for the customers, real-time tracking of trips and also advancing business ROI.

Final Thoughts

Leveraging advanced technologies to improve your business is essential in this competitive landscape. One of the best strategies to strengthen your taxi business is using the taxi dispatch system to automate the work processes. Here, in this article, we have listed a few top features of the taxi dispatch system. Use the above insights and leverage your business's right taxi dispatch software to reap incredible results.