Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Fleetera?

Fleetera is an all-in-one taxi dispatching solution that allows you to automate the taxi dispatching process. From seamless booking, managing, and executing taxi hiring, to all aspects of dispatching, everything can be managed under one platform.

2. What are the benefits of using your taxi software?

It provides a digital way of handling taxi business to enhance efficiency by automating dispatching and combining payment gateways with dynamic pricing, analytics, and other innovative features on one platform.

3. Will your taxi software suit small businesses?

No matter how large or small your taxi business is, the customer app, driver app, dispatcher, and admin panel are flexible enough to fit any company's business needs.

4. Is it possible to customize your taxi software?

Certainly, we would be happy to customize the taxi app according to your needs. Please feel free to contact our business development team for further details and to select the appropriate customizations for your taxi app.

5. Are there any additional fees or charges that I need to pay?

Neither are there any extra fees nor charges. We only charge according to the pricing plans shown on the Pricing page.

6. Can I purchase the Fleetera application?

Visit our website's Pricing or Contact Us pages. Our staff will help you by giving you all the information you need to make payments. The login information and technical support you require to ensure a seamless taxi hiring process will be provided to you once you have completed the payment process.

7. Des Fleetera support multiple languages?

We provide the taxi dispatch system and mobile applications in English at the moment. We are happy to accept any language request, and in the future we will expand our language options.

8. What if the software exhibits some problem(s)?

We have a team dedicated to resolving technical issues in a timely manner. We have a technical support team available around the clock to assist our clients throughout the world.

Passenger App

1. What is a passenger app?

With the Fleetera Passenger app, you can allow passengers to book taxi rides from any location. This application is free to download.

2. Who can access the passenger profile?

The passenger profile can be accessed by the company and the dispatchers.

3. How many passengers can use the Fleetera support?

Fleetera can serve an infinite number of passengers at once. It provides a strong, active, and precise response to each and every request for a trip.

4. If taxis aren’t available, what should I do?

Due to the non-availability of taxis, passengers may modify their preferred taxi model or rebook a taxi. Additionally, customers can reserve a cab over the phone by calling the dispatcher or the taxi business.

5. What should the passenger do if the driver rejects the request?

The passenger app is designed in such a way to take only a few seconds to gain the driver's confirmation. In case the passenger declines the trip, the trip request is then forwarded to the next available driver.

6. Can passengers cancel the booking once the driver reaches the location?

Yes, the passenger can cancel the trip even after the driver reaches the location. However, the passenger will be charged a cancellation fee.

7. Is it possible for passengers to view the details of the assigned driver?

Yes, once a passenger's trip request is approved, they can check the name, picture, taxi number, driver reviews, projected time of arrival, and ability to call the driver directly.

8. Can passengers view the estimated time for the driver to reach the location?

Yes, once the driver accepts the trip request, the passenger can view the estimated time for the driver to reach the location.

9. Can the passenger track the ongoing trip’s route?

Yes, of course! The passengers can track the ongoing trip using a GPS locator.

10. How can the passenger rate the driver?

Customers can offer comments about their trips using the driver rating system, which in turn allows taxi companies to keep track of the drivers' performance.

11. Does the passenger app have a wallet system?

Yes, the passenger app contains a wallet system that allows users to pre-fund it with money up to the allowed amount using a credit card. The exact trip fare will be removed from the passenger's wallet each time they hire a taxi, and any money left over can be used for the next journey.

12. Can I get the invoice or receipts of the trip?

Yes, the invoice or receipt of the trip will be sent to the registered email ID.

13. What is the use of the trip history option?

Trip history provides complete details about the current and upcoming bookings scheduled for further dates made by the specific passenger using our app. It helps the passengers manage the trip details and keep track of the payments.

14. Can the passenger pay the driver in advance, and what are the payment options?

No! The passenger can pay the driver only after the completion of the trip.

Users can pay via cash or an electronic wallet. The final fare will be updated after the trip is finished, and then the passenger can make the payment.

15. Do you have any queries about the passenger app?

If you have any queries, you can contact our support team. We will be available 24x7 to help our clients when they are in need.

Driver App

1. What is a driver app?

The driver app helps the drivers to respond to the passenger’s trip request. Each driver will have specific login information. After turning on the GPS through the driver app, taxi companies can simply watch taxis' movements, allocate trips, and supervise drivers effectively.

2. How many drivers can Fleetera solution support?

Fleetera can manage an unlimited number of concurrent drivers. It provides a strong, active, and precise reaction to each and every request for a trip.

3. Who can access the driver profile?

Taxi companies and their dispatchers have access to all driver profiles. The passenger who accepts the trip request can also access the details (limited details) of the assigned driver.

4. What is the trip ID?

There is a trip ID assigned to every trip. It acts as a reference ID for drivers, passengers, dispatchers, and the taxi company for future records.

5. If the driver forgets the password, what should he do?

The "forgot password" button will allow drivers to restore their passwords. The password will then be sent via SMS to the entered mobile number.

6. Is there an option for the company to block a particular driver?

Yes, the taxi company can refuse service to anyone at any time. It can be based on various reasons such as malpractice, misuse of the driver app, or any other reasons.

7. What if the driver is offline?

While booking, the passenger app will not show a driver who is offline. In the admin interface for the taxi company, taxi companies can keep track of the drivers who are not working.

8. What happens if the driver rejects the passenger's request?

A notification will be sent to the passenger if a driver declined their request for some reason. The server would automatically assign an available driver to the passenger in the subsequent booking request.

9. Does the driver receive any ratings?

Upon completion of a trip, passengers can rate the driver. This is a feature that allows them to express their opinions on the driver's performance.

10. What is an assigned taxi?

The assigned taxi option in the driver app provides information about the taxi that has been assigned to them for a certain amount of time.

11. How will the driver charge for the waiting time?

The waiting time charges will be based on company norms.

12. In case of a dispute with the passenger, what should the driver do?

The drivers can contact the taxi company via the help desk to inquire about the dispute.

13. Can the driver change the route as per the client’s request?

Yes, the drivers can change the route as per the client’s request. However, the taxi company will use the admin panel to use GPS to track the movements of their vehicles.

14. How can the driver process his payment?

The taxi fare can be calculated automatically through the driver app. The passenger can make the payment either via direct cash or through the e-wallet system.

15. If I have any queries on the driver app, what should I do?

If you have doubts or concerns regarding the driver app, you can feel free to contact our support team. We are here to help you out.

Dispatcher Panel

1. What is a dispatcher panel?

Taxi dispatch centers or offshore call centers handle all booking processes through a dispatcher panel. A dispatcher panel can be used for allocating trips, managing drivers and taking phone reservations.

2. Why is it crucial for a taxi company to have a dispatcher panel?

The dispatcher panel helps taxi companies in managing bookings more effectively. Recurring bookings can be streamlined through the dispatcher panel.

3. What is the role of a dispatcher?

Dispatchers play a significant role in the taxi booking process. They have the responsibility to accept bookings over call, monitor taxis, drivers, payments, and reports in a specific region.

4. What are the details that a dispatcher can access?

Dispatchers of one region have access to information on drivers, passengers, and transactions in their specific region. However, taxi companies have the option to hide dispatcher details in their admin panel.

5. Is it possible to customize the dispatcher panel?

The dispatcher panel at Fleetera can be customized based on the taxi company's needs.

6. How does the fare estimate feature work?

The system calculates the shortest route when the passenger enters the pickup point and drop-off location and estimates a fare based on the distance.

7. Will the dispatcher panel details be updated in real-time?

Yes, the rides and transaction details will be updated in real-time.

8. Can the taxi company block any dispatcher?

Yes, the taxi company can refuse service to anyone at any time. it can be based on various reasons such as malpractice, misuse of the driver app, or any other reasons.

9. What is the use of Google map in the dispatcher panel?

The Google map in the dispatcher panel assists dispatchers in locating the drivers and passengers so that they can quickly and accurately assign drivers to trips.

10. Does the taxi company have the backup of the dispatcher’s login credentials?

Yes, taxi companies can change the dispatcher password at any moment through the admin panel and keep a backup of the dispatchers' passwords.

11. Will the dispatcher get support from the Fleetera customer service team?

Yes! Fleetera can handle an unlimited number of dispatchers. Our support team never fails to offer an accurate and quick response to your queries.

12. Can the dispatcher keep track of all rides?

The dispatcher panel assists dispatchers in keeping track of all trip information, including the pick-up time, travel distance, waiting time, route, cost, and method of payment.

13. Does the dispatcher panel handle any activity regarding remuneration?

Nothing relating to dispatcher remuneration is handled by the dispatcher panel. For this, taxi companies are free to create their own standards.

14. Can I get a demo regarding the dispatch panel?

Yes, if you are looking for a demo to watch the working of our app, please feel free to contact our customer support team. We will schedule a demo meeting based on your queries.

15. If I have any queries, what should I do?

No worries! In case of any queries or doubts, you can contact our support team. We are here to help you with the best solutions.

Admin Panel

1. What is a company admin panel?

It is common for large cab firms with branches in numerous cities and states to use company admin panels.
Typically, taxi firms have multiple company admin panels that are all managed by a single master admin panel. This master admin panel maintains dispatchers, passengers, drivers, and transactions within the firm's boundaries.

2. What is a master admin panel?

All company admin panels, dispatcher panels, drivers, passengers, taxis, and all other transactions are completely under the supervision of the master admin panel. the master admin panel has complete control over the taxi management process..

3.How many admin panels can Fleetera offer support?

Fleetera can offer support to an unlimited number of concurrent admin panels consecutively. We provide an accurate response to every trip request.

4. Do taxi companies have backup of admin panel passwords?

Yes, the taxi companies can have the backup of the passwords of all admin panels. Thus, companies can change the password anytime using the master admin panel.

5. What is the company admin panel's role in the taxi booking process?

Drivers, passengers, bookings, taxi payments, and related reports can all be controlled from the company admin panel.

6. Are the details updated in an admin panel in real-time?

Yes! We provide a real-time update of relevant details of all transactions and rides.

7. Can you customize the admin panel based on our needs?

Yes! At Fleetera, we can customize the admin panel based on the needs and specifications of taxi businesses

8. What details can an admin panel have access to?

The taxi company’s master admin panel has a feature to hide or show particular information. However, the Fleetera follows the general rule that a company admin panel from one region won't have access to details (details of driver & passenger reports) from another location.

9.Can the taxi company block any user in the admin panel?

Yes, of course! The taxi company can block any user in the admin panel.

10. What is the master admin panel’s role in the taxi booking process?

Taxi companies can personalize their website, social media accounts, SMTP mail settings, SMS settings, payment gateways, contacts, countries, states, and cities using the master admin panel. The master admin panel can also include and manage company admin panels, drivers, taxis, and other processes for specific areas.

11. If I have any queries, what should I do?

If you have any queries or concerns while using our admin panel, please feel free to contact our support team. We are here to help you with the right solutions.